Welcome to Radiance of Thy Heart (R.O.T.H.) an Application of the Sacred Writings of the Bahá'í Faith on how to become more Beautiful.


Let the Radiance of Thy Heart Be Thy Beauty

My first counsel is this:

Possess a pure, kindly and radiant heart,

that thine may be a sovereignty ancient,

imperishable and everlasting.*

A journey to understand Beauty



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 on becoming more Beautiful

Have you ever asked yourself questions &/or had thoughts like:

Can I be Beautiful?

What is the difference between beauty and Beauty

What is the purpose of being Beautiful?

Am I as Beautiful as I could, should, would be?

What is the ultimate goal of Beauty?

If you have answered these questions with wondering what these questions are all about, then maybe your Heart's desire will open the door to a journey to seek another set of answers.

A process of Love

Source of Change

Glimpses of Beauty's Secrets

The falsity of attachment’s glitter keeps us in the mire

While detachment frees us to be humbly accepting of our destiny

Will we accept the eternal bounties or trade them for a mirage

Are struggles our enemies or our beloved

Flooded by information, we truly desire, but a sip from the Divine chalice of Wisdom


Accepting the grace of a moment, can we translate it into an eternity?

The mind is analytical and takes time to reach an understanding,

The Heart knows instantly to a vast degree,

Yet, we are lost in their remoteness from each other

Can we be a channel for Love's source to flow unto others?

Capturing a heart to share an eternity is a miracle indeed

with rewards and bounties unfathomed until explored in the intimacy of reflection


"Why are you beautiful?" asked the table to the oil lamp, "you are so lucky to have such a glamorous base sparkling with shinny gold and silver, crowned with a marvelous chimney so clear and shapely!"

The lamp responded with great demeanor and humility, "Alas, I am NOTHING without the light, for I cannot fulfill my purpose without it! My Beauty does not exist except when the light is within me. You on the other hand are the one who is Beautiful, you are fulfilling your purpose, with great patience and perseverance you carry the burden of myself and others on your back all the time without a whimper or a groan!"



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